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The Psyche and Racial Trauma: Pathways to Healing Our Wounds

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In the exploration of the human psyche—a complex and intricate entity within us—we come face to face with the multifaceted nature of our experiences, including the profound impact of racial trauma. This form of trauma is not just an external event but an internal wound that resides deep within the psyche, influencing how individuals and […]

Individuation and Deconditioning: The Path to Self-Realization

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The journey towards self-realization is a transformative process of individuation and deconditioning. This path, rich in depth and complexity, involves shedding the layers of imposed beliefs, societal norms, and inherited narratives to uncover the authentic self. It’s a profound psychological metamorphosis that can lead to a harmonious balance between one’s internal world and external reality. […]

The Altered Tapestry: Trauma, Child Development, and the Promise of Neuroplasticity

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The developing brain of a child is highly sensitive to the experiences encountered in the early years of life. When a child undergoes trauma, it’s not just an emotional blow; it fundamentally alters the child’s brain development. This alteration can manifest in various ways, such as changes in the ability to regulate emotions, difficulty forming […]

From Shadow to Wholeness: Rediscovering Our Inherent Divine Worth

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The human psyche is a profound landscape where socio-economic, etho-cultural, political, religious, legal, technological, environmental and ecological factors cast long shadows on our self-perception, self-esteem, and self-worth. Many of us come to harbor the belief that we are inherently deficient, defective, unwanted and evil. These unprocessed negative feeling states often get repressed cast out into […]

Is my partner a narcissist or does he have a mother complex?

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In the intricate dance of human relationships, we often find ourselves entangled in webs of emotion and behavior that can be challenging to navigate. One such complexity arises in the realm of romantic partnerships, where the line between narcissism and other psychological phenomena, such as the mother complex, can sometimes blur. It’s essential to approach […]

The Echo of the Self: Navigating the Labyrinth of Narcissistic Wounding

In the depths of the human psyche, lies a complex and often misunderstood phenomenon known as the narcissistic wound. This emotional state, characterized by a profound sense of injury to one’s self-esteem or self-worth, tends to linger within the recesses of our inner world, shaping our behaviors in ways that can often seem bewildering to […]

Navigating the Racial Complex: Unveiling its Impact on Workplace Success for People of Color

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Introduction Dr. Fanny Brewster (2017), in her book The racial complex: A Jungian perspective on culture and race, reminds us of America’s racism, racial complex and the paradoxical nature of living the American life. She echoes Carl Jung’s position on the importance of holding the tension of the opposites “to remain sane in an insane […]

Healing requires a confrontation with attitudes, ideas and perceptions that no longer serve us

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In our journey to heal from past trauma, and to find meaning or reconnect with life, the teachings of the founder of Jungian Analytical Psychology, Swiss Psychiatrist, Depth Psychologist, Carl G. Jung (1875/1961) can offer illuminating insights toward healing, liberation, and wholeness. Jungian psychology sees value in uncovering the remedy from the poison.     Jung’s perspective […]

An Integrative Depth Psychological Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

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In a world characterized by superficial engagement and quick fixes, it’s essential to take a moment and go within to rediscover our inner depths where true wellness and wholeness reside. An integrative depth psychological approach to mental health promotes a holistic view of soul, our suffering and healing by shining light on the shadow and […]