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An Integrative Depth Psychological Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

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In a world characterized by superficial engagement and quick fixes, it’s essential to take a moment and go within to rediscover our inner depths where true wellness and wholeness reside. An integrative depth psychological approach to mental health promotes a holistic view of soul, our suffering and healing by shining light on the shadow and […]

Navigating the Depths of Identity: Celebrating Pride Month through a Depth Psychotherapeutic Perspective

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As we enter June, the majestical colors of the rainbow begin to unfurl in many parts of the world, signifying the start of Pride Month that calls for celebration of life. This month-long celebration is an affirmation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, inter-sex (LGBTQI+) community’s resilience, courage, and diversity. The month also serves […]

Let us talk about imposter syndrome / complex

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Psychologically speaking, the imposter syndrome is a manifestation of Alfred Adler’s (1870/1937) inferiority complex. There are several definitions of a psychological complex, however, for the purpose of this writing, we will look at it with a Jungian, depth-psychological eye. The American Psychological Association (APA) defines complexes as a group or system of related ideas or […]

Working with the Unconscious to Solve Mental Health Problems

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The Unconscious The unconscious is the vast sum of operations of the mind that take place below the level of conscious awareness. The conscious mind contains all the thoughts, feelings, cognitions, and memories we acknowledge, while the unconscious consists of deeper mental processes not readily available to the conscious mind. [These may include, respressed feelings […]