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Navigating the Depths of Identity: Celebrating Pride Month through a Depth Psychotherapeutic Perspective

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As we enter June, the majestical colors of the rainbow begin to unfurl in many parts of the world, signifying the start of Pride Month that calls for celebration of life. This month-long celebration is an affirmation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, inter-sex (LGBTQI+) community’s resilience, courage, and diversity. The month also serves […]

The process of Individuation

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Individuation is the process of becoming who you really are and requires balanced ego function. Through the individuation process, the individual learns to develop the right relationship with the Self, complexes and the multiplicities of his/her/they/them lived experience.  Individuation is a lifelong process; a journey that leads you away from the crowd and herd mentality, […]