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The Altered Tapestry: Trauma, Child Development, and the Promise of Neuroplasticity

Young child looking into the camera smiling

The developing brain of a child is highly sensitive to the experiences encountered in the early years of life. When a child undergoes trauma, it’s not just an emotional blow; it fundamentally alters the child’s brain development. This alteration can manifest in various ways, such as changes in the ability to regulate emotions, difficulty forming […]

Healing requires a confrontation with attitudes, ideas and perceptions that no longer serve us

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In our journey to heal from past trauma, and to find meaning or reconnect with life, the teachings of the founder of Jungian Analytical Psychology, Swiss Psychiatrist, Depth Psychologist, Carl G. Jung (1875/1961) can offer illuminating insights toward healing, liberation, and wholeness. Jungian psychology sees value in uncovering the remedy from the poison.     Jung’s perspective […]