30, Female, Marketing Manager

I started therapy during a time when I was struggling with a lot of anxiety, which I attributed mostly to a toxic work environment. Andreau helped me work through those issues and understand my role in my experiences with anxiety. After I removed myself from that toxic environment, I continued to work with Andreau on […]

40, Male, Art Director, Photographer

Initially, I sought therapy because I was going through a really tough time in my marriage. I am dealing with trust issues, unresolved childhood issues and insecurities. What I appreciate about my sessions with Mr. Charles is that he does not judge or make me feel bad about anything that I am thinking or feeling. […]

32, Male, Senior Accounting Analysis

As a black male, it is the norm for us to not express our feelings or show our emotions. I fell into that category and had terrible results. I would have emotional outburst and verbally hurt people I cared deeply for. I wanted to address my issues and sought help, so I reached out to […]

40, Male, Project Manager

I’ve received therapy with a couple of therapists within the past 15 years or so, but the sessions didn’t last too long for one reason or another. Last year, however, I decided to make therapy a part of my life and have been fortunate to have connected with Andreau. He encourages me to be myself […]

34, Female, Philanthropy and Grants Management

I am so grateful to have found and have been under the council of Andreau for a year now. He has helped me to dig deep into myself, become more self aware, learn the patterns and triggers around me, and how I perceive myself overall and the world around me. With his guidance, I have […]

31, Male, Attorney

I decided to do therapy because I was having trouble coping with the passing of my father and adjusting to the pressures of being a new attorney. Although I was reluctant to join initially, Andreau was patient and allowed me to progress and become comfortable at my own pace. Andreau’s sessions are as comprehensive as […]

37, Female, Head of Finance and Operations

Therapy with Andreau has helped me to understand and work to address challenges I have faced my entire adult life. With his guidance and support I have been able to make significant, positive changes in my life that I would not have made otherwise. I’m learning skills and understanding the root causes of issues that […]

34, Male, Architectural Product Representative

I believe therapy has the ability to be a positive force for change. It takes real effort and a lot of emotional work, but the outcome can repair years of hardships and difficult circumstances one may have experienced in life. For me, therapy with Andreau has been a tool that allows me to process my […]

29, Male, Theater Artist, Educator & Producer

I returned to therapy after years because I got tired of faking that I was fine. I was tired of the bouts of anxiety and doing the bear minimum to mediocrely make it through my days. As an artist, it is easy to be anxious about all that our work encompasses: where to begin? who […]