29, Male, Theater Artist, Educator & Producer

I returned to therapy after years because I got tired of faking that I was fine. I was tired of the bouts of anxiety and doing the bear minimum to mediocrely make it through my days. As an artist, it is easy to be anxious about all that our work encompasses: where to begin? who is it for? How will I market? Who will invest? When will the next gig be? And So on… I wanted to get my thoughts in order and under control. What I am discovering in therapy is that every surface issue has a root and with Andreau’s help, I am able to identify each of these as I go and learn how best to deal with them without debilitating shame or judgement. I am learning to be more patient with myself and my own growth. Having patience with myself as I unpack trauma, learn how to freely navigate the world as a queer black man and find joy in expressing all of my emotions- joy, sadness, anger and everything in between- is allowing me to face myself and the world with more honesty, without retreating from the responsibility I have to myself. I am letting go of toxic relationships, holding myself accountable for my own actions and discovering daily what it means to live in the moment as a complex human being. I honor my growth, as well as, recognize there are ways to go. The work Andreau and I are doing together bears fruit in my life in and outside of our sessions, which I am proud of & grateful for. I am excited to keep digging and discovering what is and is not serving me as I continue my work (read: healing) with Andreau

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