34, Male, Attorney in Financial Services Industry

I began working with Andreau approximately two and a half years ago. When I came to him I felt trapped and that my life was in distress. I had been in a job where I felt stuck and extremely unhappy. I was having negative thoughts constantly and felt like a complete failure. And my self confidence was in the gutter. While I was previously diagnosed with anxiety and depression, my medicine wasn’t reducing the negative symptoms because I had never addressed the underlying reason why I was experiencing the feelings and thoughts that were permeating my mind and life. While I had spoken with friends, family and counselors in the past, Andreau was the first therapist that truly listened to me and invested in my development to help me uncover the reasons for what I was feeling and why. Andreau takes an objective and nonjudgmental approach to therapy that makes speaking with him a refreshing oasis that makes me feel safe to express my thoughts and emotions. Through his helpful guidance and our work together, he helped me get “unstuck” and get my life back on track. Our work together was invaluable in helping me to realize thoughts and feelings from my past that were deeply embedded in my unconscious, which affected my emotions and every day life in ways that were previously unknown to me. Talking with Andreau brought these feelings to my consciousness, built up my self esteem and sense of self worth to finally address these underlying issues. Along the way, Andreau provided me with extremely useful guidance, tools, and strategies for living everyday life and dealing with negative thoughts. Over time, he has helped me to build confidence. I now feel that my life is in a great place and have learned to be happy. I now work at a place where I feel valued and happy, and my relationships have never been stronger. I will be forever grateful for his help and would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking help without hesitation.

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