Couples Therapy

We offer support to couples experiencing a range of issues including miscommunication, trouble resolving issues without fighting, feelings of hopelessness and out of coping strategies, feeling like you’re constantly trying to be heard, and separation issues.

Our therapists may take an exploratory and depthful approach to addressing the problem or challenges the couple may be experiencing. Depending on your unique situation, your therapist will collaborate with you in looking at the issue of attachment, communication style, intimacy and problem solving dynamics, individual and group complexes, while removing blame, guilt, shame and judgment.  Our goal is to equip you with a supportive space for reflection, and repair. 

Your therapist will help you gain a greater understanding and acceptance of each other, feel more connected to each other, and regain your spark.

Pre-marital Therapy
Premarital counseling offers partners a neutral, supportive space to examine potential barriers and emotional blockages that could contribute to miscommunication and conflict. Together we will explore and collaborate on strategies to improve communication, and resolve disputes for building a successful future together.


We understand that infidelity can be a deeply emotionally wounding experience and an enormous breach of trust. We also understand that the reasons for cheating can be complex and often a symptom of something else that may be going on unconsciously, even something that happened in the past long before you met your partner. We work with couples to find the root cause behind the decision to cheat, gain a deeper understanding of each other, and assist them in rebuilding their relationship.


Conception for many people is straightforward and planned, but for a significant and growing number of couples the conception experience may not go to plan. Around one in six couples have difficulty achieving a pregnancy, which can be physically and emotionally exhausting and take a huge toll on a relationship. Your therapy sessions will provide a space for you to share your experience and what you’re feeling, and help you explore and navigate a path that may be right for you, whether that’s trying naturally, undergoing fertility treatment, or creating a life that may look different to what you originally hoped for. 

We understand it can feel daunting taking the first step and asking for help. We offer free 15 minute consultations to provide an opportunity to learn more about our practice and therapists and how we can support you before deciding to book an appointment.